About us

LisaLeineWebOutline-Pic2-MLElizabeth M. Iglesias, a graduate of Yale Law School and University of Michigan, is a law professor at the University of Miami for nearly 25 years. She has received numerous honors as a legal academic, citizen and activist, and poet, including the Most-Outstanding Faculty Award by the UM Public Interest Law Group, the Dean Thomas Lecture, Yale Law School, Women Who Make a Difference, presented by Miami Law Women, Elizabeth M. Iglesias Day, proclaimed by Alex Penelas Mayor of Miami-Dade County Florida, and the Tompkins Poetry Prize. Author of over eighty papers and articles, she consults in Entertainment Law and teaches courses in Constitutional, International Criminal and International Economic Law. Co-Founder and former co-director of LATINA AND LATINO CRITICAL THEORY, INC., she is the “mother” of LATCRIT, a political movement and organization within the legal academy that propounds devotion to anti-essentialism and anti-subordination. Scaring Miami represents her first work in film-making.

Madeleine M. Plasencia a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and Cornell University is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Miami School of Law.  She received tenure at the University of Tulsa College of Law in 2003 where she taught courses in Corporate Law, Business Associations, and Privacy. Author of over twenty papers and articles, numerous book chapters and an edited book, PRIVACY AND THE CONSTITUTION, she is an expert in Tort law, free speech and media democracy. Honored in 2004 as a selected speaker by the Ford Foundation, her lecture on media diversity will be transcribed in the AMERICAN LAW REVIEW. She is presently co-authoring a book entitled MASS MEDIA, THE INTERNET AND SOCIAL JUSTICE and taught a course based on these original materials in Innsbruck, Austria in 2005. Scaring Miami represents her first collaborative work with Elizabeth M. Iglesias and her first work in producing a film.