Guatemala: Beyond Atrocity

These photos and texts mark the convergence of two paths. The first began in 1988 when I graduated from Yale Law School and took a position working as a research associate for the Guatemala/Harvard Law Reform Project with the Center for Criminal Justice at Harvard Law School from 1988-1989.

After years of military dictatorship, Guatemala elected a civilian President and international aid resumed. My job was to interview vulnerable groups to assess the levels of political violence and their experience of the criminal justice system.

The second path began in the summer of 2012, when I returned to these photographs. The photos I took are a haunting reminder of the human rights atrocities revealed to me during my work on that project, but I am moved to share them because they capture a dignity beyond all atrocity.

This project makes art of scenes taken from the lives of the poorest among us, but not without asking whether we who see are not also seen by those who see us seeing them.